Marcus Jordan Reveals Blunt Four-Word Message He Received From His Father, Michael Jordan, About Marrying Larsa Pippen (VIDEO)

Marcus Jordan has revealed what his dad, Michael Jordan, has said to him about marrying Larsa Pippen.

Marcus and Larsa are planning a wedding and the former has said that he wants his dad to be his best man, as weird as it seems given that Larsa is the ex-wife of MJ’s former teammate Scottie Pippen.

Marcus Jordan Shares Four-Word Message He Received From His Father About Marrying Larsa Pippen

The soon-to-be-wed couple were interviewed on ‘Pablo Torre Finds Out’ this week and discussed their wedding plans, with Marcus revealing there might be more than one ceremony as he would like to have a private one for his family and another one for TV.

Marcus also disclosed a four-word message from his father pertaining to the upcoming nuptials.

Marcus Jordan Wants Dad Michael as His Best Man at Larsa Pippen Wedding | Us Weekly

“The main thing from my dad was, ‘you’re a grown adult,’” he said.

“Ultimately as long as I’m happy, he’s happy. He’s never intervened in my dating life prior to Larsa, and he’s not going to start now.”

Marcus Jordan reveals how much money he'd spend on dream wedding with Larsa Pippen | Marca

While His Airness has stayed out of his son’s affairs, he did admit that he was not in favor of him dating the ex-wife of the man who helped him win six championships with the Chicago Bulls.

Marcus has since denied that his dad is against the relationship. But who are you gonna believe?

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