Mexican Media Accuses Messi of Interfering in Monterrey vs. Inter Miami Match: Messi Has More Say Than the Coach, Claims Press

Information from the Mexican press confirms that Monterrey Club will file a lawsuit with the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Football (CONCACAF) to respond to famous player Messi, due to his interference in the recent match with Inter Miami.

Messi did not play in the match Inter Miami lost 1-2 to Monterrey in the first leg of the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Champions Cup , on April 4. After the match, it was reported that the famous Argentine player and teammates Jordi Alba and Luis Suarez rushed into the referee’s room to react, and found Monterrey coach Tano Ortiz to criticize him.

Mexican press accused Messi of interfering in the Monterrey match against Inter Miami - Photo 1.

Messi (right) and a Monterrey Club player took a souvenir photo


“Messi, Alba and Suarez reacted to the referee because they thought he made many unfavorable decisions for Inter Miami, including the red card to player David Ruiz, which changed the situation and led to the home team’s loss. They also met Monterrey coach Tano Ortiz to make a lot of criticism, because this coach before the match made a statement implying that CONCACAF would favor Inter Miami because they wanted to help Messi and this club reach the final of the CONCACAF Champions Cup. AS (Spain) newspaper said, based on sources from the Mexican press.


“There is currently no evidence that Messi, Alba and Suarez reacted to the referee and opponents, as well as an official complaint from the Monterrey Club. However, the Mexican press asserts that this team will file a lawsuit. Inter Miami Club and wants everything to be resolved before the return match between the two teams (at 9:30 a.m. on April 11),” AS newspaper shared.

Meanwhile, Messi has not given any response to the shocking information from the Mexican press. The famous Argentine player, after continuing to rest in the Inter Miami match against Monterrey, returned to full training on April 5 and is ready to return to play. But teammate Robert Taylor will have to miss up to 10 days due to injury.

Mexican press accused Messi of interfering in the Monterrey match against Inter Miami - Photo 2.

The Mexican press accused Messi of bad actions and Monterrey Club will file a lawsuit


Images on the training ground of Inter Miami Club on April 5 also showed Messi chatting with coach Tata Martino. Thereby, it shows that this famous player really wants to return to play. It is likely that Messi will return to the field against Colorado Rapids in the MLS tournament at 6:30 a.m. on April 7, to prepare for the second leg against Monterrey away at 9:30 a.m. on April 11, to win tickets to the sale. CONCACAF Champions Cup conclusion.

Coach Tata Martino’s assistant, Mr. Javi Morales also confirmed: “Messi participated in almost the entire training and preparation process for the match. His playing on the field completely depends on how he feels. These are very positive progress, we hope Messi will have the best feeling for the upcoming matches.”

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