Michael Jordan: The only player to scoop 5 honors in a single season, 4 times!

Michael Jordan the Herculean hero of the 1990s was so proficient that he scooped up 5 honors in a single year 4 times. Behemoth.

Michael Jordan: The only player to scoop 5 honors in a single season, 4 times!

Michael Jordan set so many records over the years that it is hard to keep a track of them. Every time an NBA player pulls off the spectacular, we pull up the numbers and see that someone has done it already. That someone is more often than not, Michael Jordan.

Despite his monumental list of achievements, the Bulls legend took some time to win his first title, nearly 8 years, in fact. But once he did, there was no stopping him. The league was his and challengers to the throne were dispatched mercilessly.

Michael was so dominant during his reign that he set some records that might be untouched for a very long time. He used to compete for every available honor during a season. And he used to win them.

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Michael Jordan is the only player to win 5 honors in a season; he did it 4 times!

Winning the league is tough and Finals MVP, adding an MVP to that season is even tougher, adding a scoring title? Sounds improbable. What about getting named to the first team All-Defensive on top of it all? Impossible.

Not for one player though, Michael wasn’t fazed by such challenges. And he was so competitive that he actually managed to scoop up all these honors, yes 5 honors in a single year.

The ridiculous nature of this statistic is that no player in the NBA has since managed it. Not one. Michael did it 4 times. Including his final season for the Bulls, when he was 35 but more on that later!

Every day we find out an absurd statistic about MJ and a storyline develops. What’s next? Probably another absurd feat. Stay tuned to this space for stories on Michael Jordan.

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