NBA: Anticipating Major Moves Involving Stephen Curry

Bad in the regular season, especially outside, the Warriors will have work this summer to try to bounce back. Especially since Bob Myers, general manager of the organization for 11 long years, has left his post. Significant changes are therefore to be expected among the Dubs, who want to know a little movement during the off-season to clean up. Everyone is affected except one player according to Anthony Slater.

It’s a year to forget for Golden State. After a rather worrying regular season and disappointing playoffs, Steve Kerr and his family must recover and this will notably involve a reassessment of the franchise’s roster. To begin with, the team learned that their GM Bob Myers left the NBA to take time for himself. A big blow to the head of the Dubs who could also lose Draymond Green, touched by the departure of its leader. But no question of panicking. No one is irreplaceable at the Warriors. No one… except Stephen Curry.

The Warriors are deep in thought
If there is no indication that there will be a major trade this summer, the Dubs are still leaving all possibilities in the future. The objective is clear: we must start the 2023/2024 NBA season with a more complete and stronger roster than it currently is. Journalist Anthony Slater explains that only Steph Curry is untouchable. All the others could be traded in the event of a good market opportunity: “Joe Lacob’s (Warriors owner) appetite seems to have increased tenfold after the departure of Bob Myers. Sources have said there are no plans to snag big paydays this summer, just to keep the bill down. That doesn’t mean a Jordan Poole is safe. Doesn’t mean anyone other than Steph Curry is safe. » swung the inside of The Athletic.

Jordan Poole in danger?
“The Warriors intend to explore all avenues to restructure the roster this summer, whether small or large. This means that Poole could be part of a trade if the return package is attractive. But it is not actively traded to date. He received no indication that his future could be elsewhere. » added Slater. The case Jordan Poole also raises questions since recently Chris Paul was mentioned on the side of California, in particular among the Warriors according to Adrian Wojnarowski. In short, the summer of 2023 promises to be very hot Golden State where alone Stephen Curry is safe.

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