NBA Rumors: Executives Suggest LeBron James Prefers Tyronn Lue to Replace Darvin Ham as Lakers Coach

After yet another poor season ended for the Los Angeles Lakers, some NBA executives are speculating that Tyronn Lue, the former coach of LeBron James, would be a strong contender to lead the team as its next head coach.

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From 2016 until 2018, Lue was James’ coach during his second stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers, a period of two and a half seasons. Each of the three years that the pair advanced to the finals, they only took home a team title in 2016.

The Lakers and Lue’s future union is dependent on how long Darvin Ham stays on the team; the Clippers may decide to make a trade after four seasons and a 2021 Western Conference Finals appearance.

NBA executives discuss how LeBron James could affect a possible coaching change.

With the exception of an NBA Cup victory earlier this season and a championship in 2020, the Lakers’ tenure since LeBron James joined the organization in 2018 has been turbulent. Three coaches have guided the team since then for the franchise: Frank Vogel, Ham, and Luke Walton.

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Two NBA insiders informed Heavy Sports that LeBron James might want to get back together with his former Cavaliers head coach. Due to poorly handled contract negotiations, the Lakers missed their opportunity to appoint their former point guard as their next head coach in 2019. Lue subsequently joined the Clippers, their cross-town opponent, in 2020.

According to a league executive quoted in the Heavy Sports story, “There are a lot of factors there. Ty [Tyronn Lue] is under contract [for the 2024–25 season] but if the Clippers decide they need some changes, he could be one of the changes.” James, LeBron, is a free agent. It seems obvious that Ty is the one LeBron wants if he is present.

Out of all of his former mentors, Tyronn Lue was hand-picked by LeBron James, according to another executive, to be a possible candidate for head coach of the Lakers. The executive did point out that it is overblown to suggest that James has power over employment decisions.

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“If LeBron had his way, he would hire Ty Lue as his coach and he would do that with the Lakers,” an executive from the Eastern Conference stated. That is his partner. LeBron singled out Ty among all the coaches he has ever had. Now that he has free agency on his side, he may be able to pressure the team into taking action to keep him if he is dismissed.

“I believe that LeBron’s reputation for controlling plays and pulling strings is much exaggerated. He is easy to work with, as anyone who has collaborated with him would attest. It would be foolish of you not to seek him for his opinion as he is not beyond sharing his thoughts with you. However, contrary to popular belief, he is not a puppet master,” the CEO continued. “However, I’d be really surprised if Ty Lue did not push the Lakers to get him if he is available.”

Other than Lue, former Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer and former NBA veteran JJ Redick are reportedly being considered as coaching options for the Lakers, given their inability to go past the first round of the 2023 playoffs and the 2023 Western Conference Finals.

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