‘Obnoxious’: Brooklyn Beckham pics emerge

The son of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham has outdone himself in some fresh and wild images.
The boys were on the town. Picture: Backgrid

Brooklyn Beckham has just given a masterclass in making an unsubtle getaway in fresh photos.

The son of Spice Girl turned chic fashion designer Victoria Beckham and footballer David Beckham has been seen hanging out in Beverly Hills, driving a giant eye sore.

Brooklyn, 25, was hanging out with his little brother Romeo, 21.

The brothers were driving around in a custom powder blue vintage Jaguar. They looked like they borrowed a car from the late crooner Frank Sinatra.

The car also has the unsubtle touch of an English flag sticker on the bumper. Remember in 2009 when Kim Kardashian was on Wendy Williams and was asked why she had no tattoos? She replied, “Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?”

Well, Brooklyn answered ‘yes’ to the question of putting a bumper stick on a Jaguar.

It was obnoxious, unsubtle and fabulous.

Nothing quite says, “I haven’t had to make my own way in life”, like owning a car that probably cost six figures when you’re in your twenties and still haven’t picked a career.

The car was very flashy and the boys rode around with the top down, which was a gift because passers-by could get a glimpse of Brooklyn’s random tattoos.

Usually, celebrities drive around in cars with the windows blacked out for privacy, but Brooklyn is too busy living his best life.

Brooklyn, of course, is known for having multiple careers and marrying billionaire heiress, turned actor, turned director, turned Selena Gomez’s best friend, Nicola Peltz.

Their relationship is heavily documented on social media and he has over 70 tattoos in tribute to his wife – some of them are objectively a bit ugly.

People were gawking at them. Picture: Backgrid
People were gawking at them. Picture: Backgrid

The brothers were hanging out. Picture: Backgrid
The brothers were hanging out. Picture: Backgrid
The couple got married in 2022, and the extravaganza was covered in Vogue.

Nicola was famously not wearing a dress made by her fashion designer mother-in-law, but the pair have sworn that doesn’t mean they are in a feud.

Sadly Nicola fired Brooklyn from her movie. Picture: Lisa O'Connor / AFP
Sadly Nicola fired Brooklyn from her movie. Picture: Lisa O’Connor / AFP
Besides marrying an heiress, Brooklyn has yet to find his thing, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t tried.

Most recently, he gave acting a crack by making a cameo in his wife Nicola’s directorial debut, Lola.

However, she later said she cut his cameo because he was saying ‘hi’ in a British accent when the film was set in America.

Brooklyn has gained notoriety for his attempts at forging his own path to varying degrees of success.

Off on their drive. Picture: Backgrid
Off on their drive. Picture: Backgrid

The boys were on the loose. Picture: Backgrid
The boys were on the loose. Picture: Backgrid
When he was 18, he released a photography book. It featured a blurry photo of an elephant and a caption explaining that the picture wasn’t very good because elephants are “so hard to photograph”.

Three years later, he decided to ditch photography and he became a chef.

He didn’t do anything drastic like go to TAFE or work in a kitchen, instead, he appeared on a morning breakfast show in the UK, called himself a “foodie”, and then gave a lengthy tutorial on making a bacon, egg and sausage sandwiches.

Yes, perhaps the most common sandwich in the world. Someone tweeted that his attempt at being a chef was “embarrassing”, and another asked if it was a “joke”.

In 2022, Brooklyn decided to give the role of bartender a crack and described himself as a “nutter in the kitchen” and then made a standard gin and tonic, leaving the internet cackling at his expense.

He has kept at the whole cooking thing and went viral in 2023 because he posted a video on his Instagram where he used a blowtorch to make a grilled cheese sandwich, which fans thought was slightly overkill

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