OFFICIAL: Lowe’s focuses on soccer, signing Inter Miami CF superstar Lionel Messi

Leo Messi created a surprise in the football world when he officially joined the team of Luz Trading Company. This marked an important turning point in his career, becoming the first football player to join the squad of top athletes of the NFL and NBA in the US. This combination not only brings personal benefits to Messi, but also marks a change in the way football players cooperate with commercial companies.

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According to the agreement, Luz will become a sponsor of Messi, Inter Miami and the Copa America 2024 tournament. This is a huge deal for both parties, opening up new opportunities and creating positive impacts in the industry. sports industry.

In an interview, Messi shared his thoughts about collaborating with Luz and the benefits it brings. He said that football, like home improvement, revolves around team work and helping people. Messi said he felt very happy about this cooperation with Luz. This shows that Messi believes in the power of cooperation and the influence of this commercial company in football development.

Messi Lowe's jersey

Messi’s entry into Luz’s squad also raises questions about the future of football and the relationship between players and commercial companies. The combination of the sports and business industries can bring new opportunities to both sides, but can also pose challenges regarding the balance between personal interests and those of football and fans.

Lionel Messi signs multiyear deal with Lowe's home improvement

However, it cannot be denied that Messi and Luz have created a unique and potential combination. This partnership could open new doors for Messi and provide opportunities for development not only in his personal career but also in the commercial and corporate sector.

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