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Olivia Rodrigo: From Disney Girl to Music Phenomenon

Singer Olivia Rodrigo is having an incredible journey in the world of pop music. One that she describes as “unique” in a recent  interview with The Guardian .



From releasing her inspirational debut single “Drivers License” at just 17 to winning three Grammys with her debut album “Sour,” Olivia Rodrigo has become a musical phenomenon. With the release of her highly anticipated sophomore album “Guts,” the singer continues to push boundaries and explore life with her youthful energy.

As a young artist, Rodrigo has always been brave enough to express her personal views. One of the most notable moments in Olivia Rodrigo’s musical journey was her emotional performance at Glastonbury in 2022. She had originally planned to join Lily Allen on stage for a duet, but that all changed when news of the Roe v. Wade decision in the United States broke.

Olivia Rodrigo: From Disney Girl to Music Phenomenon

Olivia Rodrigo: From Disney girl to music phenomenon - Photo 1.

Olivia Rodrigo released her second album “Guts”. Photo: IT.

At the concert, Lily Allen sang her 2009 hit “F—You” and dedicated the song to the Supreme Court justices who voted to overturn Roe v. Wade. “The Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v. Wade, which is a law that guarantees women the right to a safe abortion, a fundamental human right,” Rodrigo told thousands of fans watching her first performance at the massive outdoor concert.

Even as a young Disney Channel star, she used her fame to speak out on many important issues, from criticizing President Trump’s actions to condemning the death of George Floyd, a black man murdered by police.

Olivia first appeared on stage at the age of 12 and quickly gained recognition for her roles in popular shows such as “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. Moving from the world of Disney to the competitive world of pop music was a challenge, but Rodrigo’s musical authenticity and boundless creativity quickly won over audiences.

Her debut single, “Drivers License,” shocked the world. The song reached 65,873,080 streams in the week of January 7-14 alone. This helped “Drivers License” become the most streamed song in 7 days on Spotify. The 17-year-old singer wrote on Twitter: “Thank you so much for listening to the song. I can’t understand why it’s been so well received.” On the same day, Amazon Music’s Twitter page announced that “Drivers License” set a record for the most streamed debut single in a week on the platform.

Olivia Rodrigo: From Disney girl to music phenomenon - Photo 2.

The female singer of Filipino blood is a musical phenomenon. Photo: IT.

Olivia Rodrigo’s talent has made her a star. However, despite her young age and sudden rise to fame, she has always approached her career with a purpose and a steady step. The singer often chooses small venues to hone her stage presence.

With the release of her second album, Guts, Olivia Rodrigo continues to push boundaries and explore new aspects of music. She shares: “This album addresses many themes of my growing up, my disillusionment, and my journey through the temptations of fame. Rodrigo’s music has always been a true reflection of her life and experiences, and she is not afraid to question complex emotions and confront social issues in her music.”

Looking ahead, Olivia Rodrigo is determined to learn from her mistakes and acknowledge her growth, not only as an artist but as a person. For her, the journey from Disney Channel darling to music sensation is still a long one.

In the words of Olivia Rodrigo, “It’s hard being a child actor, sometimes you can feel a little taken advantage of. The responsibility is huge and being criticized in public, it feels like you’re working too much and it makes you tired. Sometimes I look at my friends having fun at a pool party and I’m stuck on set.”

Olivia Rodrigo was born on February 20, 2003 in Temecula, California, USA. Her father is Filipino and her mother is German and Irish. In early 2019, the female artist started posting songs on social media. After her success, the female singer was invited to sign a contract with Universal Music Group, the management unit of Taylor Swift, Madonna, Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga.


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