Paul Walter Hauser Randomly Calls Out Vin Diesel’s On-Set Behavior — World of Reel

Paul Walter Hauser Randomly Calls Out Vin Diesel’s On-Set Behavior — World of Reel

Think of the emotions that ran inside the head of the CinemaBlend interviewer who inadvertently produced a rant out of Paul Walter Hauser during an “Inside Out 2” press junket. I’m not sure what Hauser was thinking by randomly calling out Vin Diesel in what looked like an innocent enough interview up until that point.

While discussing the new emotion, Embarrassment, voiced by Hauser, the interviewer tried to compliment the actor’s work by saying that he reminded him of Vin Diesel’s Groot in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” Hauser abruptly responded, “Please don’t say that.”

“I like to think I’m on time. And approachable,” he continued. “Sorry, I love people, but when I hear stories about Hollywood actors who get paid really well and mistreat people, I out them constantly. And it’s a blast.”

The look of surprise on “Inside Out 2” co-star Lewis Black’s face as Hauser rants away is priceless. Hollywood being a fairly small town, celebrities usually toe the line and say nice things about each other purely because you never know who you might get the chance to work with down the line. Not Paul Walter Hauser.

What I find truly baffling about Hauser’s rant is that he’s never actually worked with Diesel and is instead basing his criticism on rumors, most notably the beef Diesel had on the set of ‘Fast & Furious’ with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The rivalry came to a critical point when Johnson publicly called Diesel a “Candy Ass.”

For now, Hauser’s been keeping pretty busy. He was recently cast in an undisclosed role in Marvel’s upcoming ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot. He’s in the upcoming ‘Naked Gun’ reboot. Hauser will also be part of Scott Cooper’s buzzy Bruce Springsteen biopic. Oh, and he’s set to play Chris Farley in a Josh Gad directed biopic.

If all things eventually fail, acting isn’t Hauser’s only trade. He’s also a “professional wrestler.” He was recently on tour, wrestling in an independent circuit, and the AEW. Hauser, a lifelong wrestling fan, has a Karate Kid crane kick as his signature move.

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