Reports: Chiefs to reunite with wide receiver Mecole Hardman

Reports: Chiefs to reunite with wide receiver Mecole Hardman

A three-time Super Bowl Champion is getting back in line for another ride with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Multiple reports from NFL Insiders indicate that the Chiefs are set to reunite with wide receiver Mecole Hardman on a one-year deal.

After a brief stint with the New York Jets in 2023, the second-round pick was traded back to Kansas City mid-season.

While he absolutely did contribute to the Chiefs’ drop problem last year, he also didn’t let a down year stop him from playing playoff hero— ending the entire NFL season with his Super Bowl-winning touchdown catch.

Hardman earned 14 catches for 118 yards in six games with the Chiefs in 2023. He had five catches for 62 yards and a touchdown during the team’s playoff run, with most of those stats coming in the Super Bowl.

hile the 2019 second-round pick out of Georgia may never have lived up to his draft stock and expectations as a potential Tyreek Hill replacement — he has always endeared himself to Chiefs fans with his upbeat personality and highlight-reel speed.

The Chiefs have not yet confirmed the deal. After making several other additions in the receiving room this offseason, Hardman is a familiar face who brings depth to the position group at a very low cost. The speedster could also play a key role on special teams.

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