“Riddick 4 Storyboard Offers First Glimpse of Vin Diesel’s Character’s Epic Return”

“Riddick 4 Storyboard Offers First Glimpse of Vin Diesel’s Character’s Epic Return”

Riddick 4 storyboard Vin Diesel

A new storyboard for Riddick 4: Furya shows a first look at the return of Vin Diesel’s character. Furya is the fourth live-action film installment in the Riddick franchise. Chronologically, the movie succeeds 2013’s Riddick, and it is currently unknown if it will have any sequels. Riddick 4 has been in development limbo for quite some time now; however, Diesel has continuously hyped its progress, sharing things like the title and the fact that it will likely explore Riddick’s origins.

The Riddick franchise first began with Pitch Black (2000), which saw Diesel star as the antihero Riddick. While the film initially received mixed reviews upon release, it is now considered a cult classic, and it still managed to build an entire series. The Riddick franchise so far includes three feature films, one television adaptation, and three video games. The story and characters have also been adapted into comic books. Back in 2014, Diesel officially announced Universal’s intentions of developing a fourth Riddick film and would later reveal the Furya title. Now, it seems development is moving along as Diesel shares more news from Riddick 4.

On social media, Diesel has shared new storyboard slides from Riddick 4: Furya that show the return of his character. The images show an up close look of Diesel’s character wearing what appears to be a spacesuit. Riddick’s eyes are glowing, and he has a worried expression on his face. View Diesel’s post showing the Riddick 4 storyboard below:

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Diesel’s last Riddick 4 update came in December 2021, when he shared that he had a very productive meeting with Universal. Like his previous teases about the forthcoming sequel, Diesel’s latest post hasn’t revealed too much about Furya. However, the new storyboard images are certainly enticing. The mention of a boy with eyes that shine like Riddick’s tie into Diesel’s previous confirmation that Furya‘s storyline will detail the mysterious origins of his character. This exploration of Riddick’s backstory might be done through the introduction of others that are like him, such as this mysterious boy that has left Riddick stunned. As Diesel said in his caption, this is an exciting update for Riddick 4, even if it doesn’t give a hint that filming might begin soon.

Nevertheless, Diesel is clearly eager and motivated to make Riddick 4 happen. Despite its lengthy development, it appears things are moving forward behind the scenes as pre-production pushes on. With the Riddick 4 script finished and storyboards in the works, fans may not have to wait too much longer for Riddick 4: Furya. Filming could perhaps even begin this year after Diesel finishes with Fast & Furious 10. As development presses forward, he will surely share more updates and news.


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