Shannon Sharpe Left Speechless When Brittany Renner Reveals How Many Men She’s Slept With…

Shannon Sharpe had social media influencer Brittany Renner as a guest on his “Club Shay Shay” podcast, and the interaction went precisely how anyone would expect.

Renner is known for being a polarizing personality online. The 31-year-old has been linked to men such as rapper Lil Uzi Vert, Kevin Samuels, and athletes James Harden and Colin Kaepernick. She also shares a child with NBA player PJ Washington and was accused by critics of trapping the young baller in a scheme to receive child support for their son.

Renner most recently made headlines in August when the seemingly intoxicated influencer appeared on “The Danza Project.” During the episode, Renner cursed out, threw water on, and gave a lap dance to the podcast hosts, all in the span of 2 hours and 26 minutes.
Shannon Sharpe has to take a shot after hearing how many men Brittany Renner has slept with.

Shannon Sharpe has to take a shot after hearing how many men Brittany Renner has slept with. (Photo: @shannonsharpe84 @bundleofbrittany/Instagram)
The socialite maintained a calmer demeanor during her appearance on “Club Shay Shay,” but that doesn’t mean the episode didn’t have its climactic moments. Renner and Hall of Fame tight end Shannon Sharpe spoke about everything from Renner’s early life, her time as a college athlete, and her appearance on season 11 of the reality TV show “Basketball Wives.”

Renner’s love life was also a topic of discussion. The ESPN host suggested that it might be hard for a professional athlete to date Renner because of her past. He expressed that athletes don’t like it when the “package has been unwrapped by somebody else, on multiple occasions.”

Renner disputed this by comparing her love life to Derek Jeter’s, and how ESPN celebrated his relationship history with a graphic of his “dating diamond.”

Renner said her dating pool was “impressive,” to which Sharpe replied, “expansive.”

“Expansive?” Renner shot back. “I’ve had sex with 35 guys, OK.”

Upon hearing Renner’s body count, Sharpe slammed back a shot of his liquor before replying, “Whew, oh Lord!”

Watch the clip below.

“Expansive isn’t the word,” Renner added as she giggled from Sharpe’s reaction. “So, if I’m judged for having great taste, although someone like Derek Jeter, for example, who had his ‘dating diamond’ …”

Despite viewers finding humor in Sharpe’s reaction, many were taken aback by the relatively low number of men Renner had been with.

“That’s lower than I thought it would be. Not gonna lie.”

“What’s wild is 35 isn’t even the craziest number I’ve ever heard.”

“35 bodies and she’s what 32? That don’t seem like a lot when you think about it, depending on her activity that’s 3/4 bodies a year if you’re single that’s light numbers lol.”

Sharpe asked Renner why she felt that the world needed to know about how many men she slept with, in which Renner answered, “Because I felt called to share.”

This led to a later question where Sharpe asked if Renner thinks about the impact her actions and things she has said will have on her son.

Renner replied, “Of course I’ve thought about it, but as much as I love my son I love myself. I can’t saturate myself for my child. I have to still be true to myself because outside of being his mother, I’m Brittany Renner. I have to be at peace with things I’ve done.”

This isn’t the first time Renner has shared her number of sexual partners. In a previous sit down with The Fan Van, she discussed sleeping with 35 men in more detail and feeling annoyed that more than half of them were just one-night-stands.

“It’s kind of annoying because at least half of my list, I only had sex with one time,” said the influencer. “But I still have to wear those. I think what’s annoying is that’s my number and I can’t even have sex on a regular basis. It’s usually quarterly, that’s kind of been my schedule.”

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