Stephen A. Smith orders Chiefs to call Patrick Mahomes’ agent soon: Fans back him up

Stephen A. Smith orders Chiefs to call Patrick Mahomes’ agent soon: Fans back him up

Despite his elite status, Kansas City Chiefs’ star Patrick Mahomes ranks 10th among the league’s highest-paid quarterbacks. ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith finds this unacceptable and recently voiced his opinion on “The Stephen A. Smith Show.”

Patrick Mahomes

Smith argued that no quarterback in the league deserves to be the highest-paid more than MahomesSmith urged the Chiefs’ management to act promptly and ensure Mahomes’ agent knows they plan to make Mahomes the league’s highest-paid player.

He emphasized that Mahomes’ value to the team and his exceptional performance warrant a salary that reflects his status.

“Kansas City Chiefs! Get on the phone now,” he said.

“Call Patrick Mahomes’ agent and basically say to him, ‘We’re just waiting until the dust settles, then we’ll make sure to make you the highest-paid player in the National Football League.

“Let’s get that out of the way right now. Ain’t nobody, nobody, deserves to be paid more than Patrick Mahomes.”

Mahomes signed his contract back in 2020

Mahomes’ current 10-year, $450 million deal, signed in 2020, was groundbreaking at the time. However, as new contracts have been signed, Mahomes’ $45 million average annual salary has been surpassed by several quarterbacks.

This situation led the Chiefs to restructure his deal midway through the 2023/24 season.

“I thought we found a good one in this negotiation that we did that we’ll be able to still keep cap space for other guys to get signed, but obviously, I got a little bit more money upfront and then we’ll kind of redo it and re-negotiate it whenever we get to that mark that we talked about,” said Mahomes.

“It’s a special place and a special relationship that I have with the team to be able to trust them to be able to – even when I signed the last contract know that this was going to happen and then probably going to happen again at some point.”

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