SV-bloom! Mariska Hargitay Unveils Stunning Birthday Surprise from Chris Meloni

Mariska Hargitay had a birthday celebration to remember on January 23. However, it wasn’t until the next day that she received the best gift of all—a “whisper video” from her partner for life, Chris Meloni.

These “whisper videos” started when the duo was filming their respective shows, “Law & Order: SVU” and “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” in July 2021. In these fun clips, one of them would whisper a message and encourage the other to respond. After a hiatus, Meloni brought back the beloved tradition on Hargitay’s 59th birthday.

In a video posted on his Instagram, Meloni asks, “Marsha, you there? Do you know what today is? I do. Happy—” before abruptly ending the video.

During an appearance on “Late Night With Seth Meyers” in March 2022, Hargitay revealed, “Chris calls me Marsha sometimes. One of the many names!”

The next day, Hargitay responded to Meloni’s video with a whisper video of her own. “Hey, Chris,” she softly says.

“Chris, you asked me if I knew what day it was yesterday, and I wasn’t sure. But then I figured it out because I got these pretty flowers from you.” She pans the camera to reveal a stunning bouquet of lilies. 

It’s an exciting week for “Law & Order” fans as Hargitay’s character, Capt. Olivia Benson, gets intimately involved with her former partner-turned-friend, Stabler.

Before the highly-anticipated “SVU” episode on January 26, titled “Blood Out,” make sure to watch Meloni’s preview of his appearance on TODAY on January 25. He will give fans a sneak peek into what’s to come on “Organized Crime.”

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