Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce will take to Arrowhead on Saturday to watch Leo Messi in action

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce can watch Lionel Messi’s inter Miami play Sporting Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium.

In Kansas City, home of the Kansas City Chiefs, Arrowhead Stadium is welcoming Kansas City’s Mls team Sporting Kc.

After a 28-year Hiatus, sporting couldn’t have asked for a better homecoming when they hosted Lonel Messi and Inter Miami sporting minority owner Patrick Mahomes was delighted to be affiliated with the reigning world champions.

If Mahomes will be on hand this Saturday to watch his team take on inter Miami, will Travis Kelce be far behind?

And what’s the fun of Kelsey outing without Taylor Swift?

According to the usmn tunley Instagram page, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will travel to Arrowhead on Saturday to watch Leo Messi play.

We can see Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Arrowhead Stadium to watch Lonel Messi, Lis Suarez and Inter Miami take on Sporting Kc.

The site captioned their post.

In addition, this page also posted a clip of an Mls talk show in which the host asked if anyone thought Swift and Kelsey would attend Arrowhead.

We can see former Usm and star Taylor Twellman raising his hand to suggest the power couple will be heading to Arrowhead on Saturday.

Taylor Twellman looks like he knows something.

Usm and Tunley added in their caption.

The comination of Patrick Mahomes Lonel Messi is more than enough to create shock waves throughout the American Sports industry.

Kelsey and girlfriend Swift can certainly fuel the madness, but the link up between Taylor and Messi could be the biggest we will see in recent times.

Last year, both Swift and the 2022 World Champion shaped American Sports like no other.

Thanks to Swift’s attendance, ticket sales for the Chiefs games skyrocketed to an all-time high.

Meanwhile, every other inter Miami match sold out immediately thanks to the winner of eight Golden Balls.

Notably, both Swift and Messi were near each other many times, but two icons who never had a chance to meet each other now have the chance to meet at Arrowhead Stadium.


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