The personal bodyguard receives a salary of 3 million USD and accompanies Messi like a shadow

The personal bodyguard receives a salary of 3 million USD and accompanies Messi like a shadow

When Lionel Messi caused a fever in America, his bodyguard also received special attention from fans. The image of a muscular guy named Yassine Cheuko following Messi like a shadow was recorded by fans and shared a lot on social networks.

At the recent match between Los Angeles FC and Inter Miami, an audience rushed into the field to approach the Argentine superstar. Immediately, a bodyguard with a protective body rushed into the field to stop and “carry” this enthusiastic fan out.

Cheuko is the bodyguard Inter Miami hired specifically for Messi – a privilege that only the Argentine superstar enjoys at this team. Cheuko is paid a salary of 3 million euros/year, which is several times higher than the average salary of a player in the American professional league MLS. The team that pays the highest player salaries in this tournament is Toronto FC (an average of nearly 1 million USD/year per player).
Bodyguards prevent fans from approaching Messi. (Photo: AP)

Bodyguards prevent fans from approaching Messi. (Photo: AP)

On match day, bodyguards follow Messi from the time he gets off the bus, goes through the tunnel and stays on duty on the sideline during the match. In principle, Cheuko is only separated from Messi when this player is on the field. However, Cheuko will rush onto the field as soon as he determines “there is a problem”, like the case in the match against Los Angeles FC.

Yassine Cheuko was introduced as a former US Navy soldier. However, this is unverified information. The Daily Mail recently found out and confirmed that he had never worked in the military.

What is certain about Cheuko is that he has a muscular body, enough to bring peace of mind to the person being protected. In addition, Messi’s bodyguard is also a mixed martial arts (MMA) expert, with skills in taekwondo and boxing.

In addition to ensuring security on match days, Cheuko and 50 other people were hired to monitor and ensure the safety of Messi’s family in Miami.

Since David Beckham – also co-owner of Inter Miami – came to America in 2007, this is the first time American football has had a player so strictly protected. Jorge Mas, president of Inter Miami, shared: ” Security has been significantly enhanced. The players will be escorted into the field through a tunnel. All of this is being prepared for both home and field.” guest. 

This was done when I witnessed Messi and the Argentina team preparing for the 2022 World Cup. They practiced in Miami before flying to Doha (Qatar). We saw the crowds going crazy for him during practice. So we have to prepare very carefully .”

Since coming to America to play, Messi has created a huge fever. Inter Miami’s matches at home or away attract audiences. Ticket prices for the match between Los Angeles FC and Inter Miami set a record of nearly 800 USD per ticket.

NBC Los Angeles revealed Messi’s impact on internet searches. According to Google Trends, the keywords “MLS”, Messi”, “Inter Miami” increased by 322% since he debuted in the tournament, reaching an all-time record high.

Messi signed a 2 and a half year contract with Inter Miami, with a salary of 50-60 million USD a year. In addition, this player receives many accompanying benefits. Messi immediately made an impression when helping Inter Miami win the Leagues Cup. He scored in all 7 matches and won the top scorer title.

Recently, Messi shined helping Inter Miami reach the US Open Cup final. Fans of this team hope the Argentine star will help the team achieve better results in MLS. Currently, David Beckham’s club is at the penultimate position


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