The secret for Cristiano’s success, Portugal coach reveals the main detail of the difference between CR7 & other players

Cristiano Ronaldo’s manager in Portugal reveals the details that makes him great compared to other players.

Cristiano Ronaldo closes his eyes in excitement while he wears the Portugal jersey; the Portugal national team badge is next to him.

Cristiano Ronaldo closes his eyes in excitement while he wears the Portugal jersey; the Portugal national team badge is next to him. (Source: GOATTWORLD X)

Cristiano Ronaldo has been looked up to by many people, including footballers and athletes, for his mentality on the pitch, and this has kept him at the top level of football. Ronaldo is once again called up for the Portuguese national team ahead of the EUROS 2024 and is set to be the team’s main striker for the tournament. The Portugal national team manager, Roberto Martinez, revealed that the Portuguese striker was open to fighting for his spot in the national team and showcased the trait that separates him from the rest. Martinez talked about his conversation with CR7 and said, “My conversation with Cristiano was very open and easy, and the aim was to find out how he felt immediately. What I realized is that what makes him so different from others is that he has this hunger. A player usually retires in his head when he feels that something is not happening. In his case, he was ready to provide whatever the national team needed. It was a very good conversation, and I could see that he was ready to be important and fight for his place.”

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Martinez talked about Ronaldo’s will to continue working hard during training sessions with Portugal. Martinez said, “Sometimes I talk to the crew and they can’t tell that this is a 39-year-old man who has won everything. He comes to training and there is meaning to everything he does. He wants to use every moment to prepare himself.”

Martinez thanks Ronaldo for being an example for young players in the Portuguese squad and says that CR7 never lacks commitment in training. The manager said, “There is no better example for young players than someone who has played 200 international matches and is still the last player to leave the training field, and uses every aspect of nutrition, body preparation and injury prevention to the maximum.”

Cristiano Ronaldo will be back for the Portugal national team tomorrow

Ronaldo’s vacations with his family are set to end because reports in Portugal suggest that CR7 will be involved in the Portugal National team camp tomorrow. Portugal has a friendly match against Croatia on Saturday and a friendly match against Ireland on Tuesday. The EUROS 2024 starts on June 14th, and the tournament starts for them on June 18th against the Czech Republic.

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