The “so sad” news about their expected ducklings is shared by Brittany Mahomes.

The “so sad” news about their expected ducklings is shared by Brittany Mahomes.


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Football star Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, recently updated her followers on a disheartening incident involving their family’s pet duck.

Brittany took to her Instagram to reveal that sadly, one of the duck eggs which was to soon hatch into a duckling had been destroyed. Earlier, she had joyfully announced that their pet duck would soon be a mother to nine ducklings.

In a more somber update, Brittany posted a story on Instagram revealing that a marauding raccoon had interfered with this event at 4:30am. “I’m so sad,” she expressed, detailing that “One of the eggs was broke. I think she literally took it away… and then there were 8.”

The initial post, made on June 4, cheerfully anticipated the arrival of the ducklings, including a photo of the soon-to-be-hatched eggs.

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Completing the Mahomes’ household are their two human kiddos, daughter Sterling Skye, aged 3, and son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon III, a 1-year-old, plus their two dogs, aptly named Steel and Silver.

Brittany has also shared bits of their domestic life, including tackling the tough moments such as when their little girl Sterling fell ill recently. She showed her followers a touching photo of the young one snuggled up against her while fighting a persistent stomach virus.

FAQs About Brittany Mahomes’ Duckling Update

Who is Brittany Mahomes?

Brittany Mahomes is the wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes. She is also a businesswoman and a mother of two.

What was the sad update Brittany Mahomes shared on Instagram?

She shared that one of the eggs from their pet duck, which was expected to hatch into a duckling, was broken and presumably taken away by a raccoon.

How many ducklings were initially expected?

The family’s pet duck was initially expected to have nine ducklings.

How did Brittany Mahomes share the news?

She shared the unfortunate news via her Instagram Story.

What else did Brittany recently post about?

In addition to the news about the ducklings, Brittany also posted about her daughter, Sterling, who was dealing with a stomach virus.

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