The Truth Unveiled:Everything to Know About the 3-Hour Law & Order Premiere Event!

A Historic Crossover: The “Law & Order” Universe CollidesFor the first time in its illustrious history, the “Law & Order” franchise is set to deliver a groundbreaking, three-hour Premiere Event, uniting the casts of “Law & Order,” “Law & Order: Organized Crime,” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.” This unprecedented event promises to be a thrilling spectacle for longtime fans and newcomers alike.

A Convergence of JusticeThe episode, aptly titled “A Law & Order Premiere Event,” will air on Thursday, September 22 at 8/7c on NBC.This monumental crossover serves as the collective season premiere for “Law & Order” Season 22, “SVU” Season 24, and “OC” Season 3. Imagine the energy, the tension, and the sheer excitement of seeing iconic characters from all three series converge to unravel a single, complex case.


The story unfolds with the discovery of a mysterious young girl, shot dead in cold blood.

Detectives Frank Cosgrove and Jalen Shaw take the lead, but the case soon takes a dramatic turn, necessitating the intervention of Captain Olivia Benson and Detective Elliot Stabler. As they delve deeper, they realize they’re facing more than a typical homicide.

A Case Beyond CompareThe investigation uncovers vital evidence, pointing towards a sophisticated international crime ring. Jack McCoy and ADA Nolan Price are brought in to fight for justice, but their pursuit is met with unexpected complications, throwing the outcome of the case into jeopardy.

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