The Unconventional Decision of Gal Gadot to Pass on the Miss Universe Crown

The Unconventional Decision of Gal Gadot to Pass on the Miss Universe Crown

Actress Gal Gadot, best known for her portrayal of Wonder Woman, unexpectedly won the Miss Israel crown and was then sent to participate in the Miss Universe pageant. However, she intentionally tried to lose points during the competition. In a Vanity Fair interview in November, she reminisced about the experience and revealed, “Paula Abdul, the singer and dancer, was one of the judges at Miss Universe. She asked me some questions, and I attempted to respond with a strong local accent, pretending not to know English. I did my best to ensure I didn’t win the title.”

Gal Gadot took part in the Miss Universe 2004 competition in the US, but later admitted in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that she didn’t see herself as a typical beauty queen. Despite her stunning looks and tall stature, she wasn’t confident in her own beauty and was surprised when she was crowned Miss Israel. After her pageant days, Gadot decided to join the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat instructor for two years, before pursuing a degree in Law and International Relations with aspirations of becoming a lawyer.

Even though she tried to steer clear of the entertainment industry, Gadot’s talent for acting couldn’t be ignored. She appeared in various TV shows in Israel before landing roles in Hollywood, including a part in Fast and Furious 5. With her military background proving to be an advantage in action films, Gadot’s breakthrough came when she was cast as Wonder Woman in the 2017 blockbuster that grossed over $800 million worldwide. This led to her being offered a staggering $10 million for the sequel, along with a lead role in the upcoming film, Cleopatra.

In addition to her thriving career, Gal Gadot is happily married to her husband, Yaron Varsano, who is a wealthy businessman. They exchanged vows in 2008 and have been blessed with two daughters, adding even more joy to their lives.

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