Thirsted After Gymnast Shines Harsh Light on LeBron James Amid Rumors of Him Shamelessly Cheating on Savannah James

Thirsted After Gymnast Shines Harsh Light on LeBron James Amid Rumors of Him Shamelessly Cheating on Savannah James

LeBron James and Olivia Dunne

Credits: USA Today

2022 really hasn’t been LeBron James’s year so far, has it? Last season, the Lakers finished as one of the worst teams in the NBA, while his former bitter rival, but now best friend Stephen Curry lifted his 4th NBA championship, and first Finals MVP.

And now, he is stuck on a team that hasn’t won a single game this season.

Still, that’s just on-the-court noise, right?

His personal life has always been touted as so wholesome, some people couldn’t even dream it up.

At the end of the day, he is a billionaire, with a loving family, a loving wife he has given his life to.

So, what could possibly go wrong… right?

LeBron James has been involved in quite a few cheating rumors off late

Yikes. That’s going to make for a couple awkward Taco Tuesdays.

Non-Disclosure Agreements are all the rage when it comes to famous people, it appears.

They have the ability to hush up just about anything in this world, whether it be harassment, or even things much, much worse.

But apparently, as per a certain creator’s allegations, LeBron James may have been using them for something else entirely.

Now, we will say, these are likely completely baseless rumors that have only been spread for attention. After all, there is absolutely no proof.

Heck, even this allegation was made because Sofia Franklyn’s friends allegedly know some insider information.

We’d like to say that we hope this doesn’t sully the reputation of a man who, in all probability, has lived an honest life. But the reality of the matter is, it already has.

How does Olivia Dunne factor into all of this?

Fortunately, Olivia Dunne isn’t one of the people making baseless allegations about LeBron James.

So why is she here?

Well, she recently made a little TikTok with a mention of LeBron James, while talking about guys she runs away from.

Now, Olivia Dunne is a very successful and famous gymnast, hailing from LSU, and she deserves all the credit in the world for it.

But, the reason this has brought some serious attention to LeBron James, and these allegations by extension is mainly due to her… characteristics, and of course, the army of people drooling all over them.

The timing, the personality, the rumors, and even the thing he is arguably the greatest of all time at.

Really, it just isn’t LeBron James’s year.


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