TODAY! The Kiss That Never Was: Benson and Stabler’s Untold Story

Unyielding Sparks between Benson and Stabler

For the diehard fanbase of “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit” (SVU), there’s been no greater mystery than the romantic undertones between lead characters Olivia Benson, portrayed by Mariska Hargitay, and Elliot Stabler, the brooding cop played by Christopher Meloni. For all those who’ve eagerly followed the series, the question that persistently dances on their minds is: Will they or won’t they?

As viewers, we’ve yearned for a resolution to this tantalizing unspoken bond. And as it turns out, so has Hargitay herself. In a candid conversation with Variety, the acclaimed actress unveiled how she and Meloni had hoped for their characters’ unresolved tension to culminate into a kiss.

The Desired Kiss that Never Was

There was an anticipative thrill surrounding the 24th season of SVU that aired last year.

The episode “Blood Out” garnered considerable attention, with the promo showing Benson inches away from Stabler’s face, teasing a potential romantic climax. But the much-awaited moment never came.Hargitay opened up about this disappointment, expressing her and Meloni’s disagreement over the decision. She revealed, “Chris and I thought it should go one way and the powers that be didn’t. That near kiss got changed at the last minute.

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