Tom Cruise and son go out by helicopter

Tom Cruise and son go out by helicopter

Actor Tom Cruise, 62, flew a helicopter to hang out with his adopted son – Connor Cruise, 29 – and a few friends.

According to Hello Magazine , Tom and Connor appeared at the landing site of the Batter Power Station on June 28.


Tom Cruise (in helicopter) and son (wearing hat). Photo: Backgrid

Tom Cruise (in helicopter) and son (wearing hat). Photo: Backgrid

The actor wore a T-shirt and jeans. Connor chose a hoodie and baggy pants. The two greeted staff and people around after getting off the helicopter. Tom Cruise also took selfies with fans.

Tom Cruise and his son's outing outfits. Photo: Backgrid

Tom Cruise and his son’s outing outfits. Photo: Backgrid

Connor Cruise is one of two adopted children of Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Nicole Kidman. He and his sister Bella Kidman Cruise, 32, were adopted by the couple in the 1990s. The sisters, who are members of the Scientology Society, chose to live with the actor after their parents divorced in 2001. Since then, Nicole has not seen her children. Some sources say she is banned from contact with her two children because she does not belong to the sect.

Connor currently lives in a Scientology community in Florida, USA. He rarely appears in the media but still attends Tom Cruise’s movie promotion events. The father and son often go out and watch sports matches together, according to Daily Mail .

In December 2023, Tom Cruise and his two children attracted attention when they were photographed together at a hockey game. The photo was shared on social media by football player Derrick Brooks.

Tom Cruise poses with his two children Connor and Bella. Photo: Derrick Brooks Instagram

Tom Cruise (left) with his two children Connor and Bella (circled). Photo: Derrick Brooks Instagram

Tom Cruise was born in 1962, nicknamed “the ageless man” in Hollywood, his appearance has not changed much over time. The actor does not use social media, and rarely shares about his personal life since his noisy divorce with Katie Holmes in 2012. According to Forbes , the artist has the third highest income in the 10 highest-earning Hollywood stars in 2023.

He has been married three times. His first wife was Mimi Rogers, with whom he was together from 1987 to 1990. He then married Nicole Kidman in 1990, and they divorced in 2001. The actor married Katie Holmes, 17 years his junior, in 2006, and they have daughter Suri, now 18. In June 2012, Katie abruptly divorced the actor and won custody of the child.


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