Travis Kelce in for ‘awkward encounter’ with new Royal brother

Travis Kelce in for ‘awkward encounter’ with new Royal brother

Travis Kelce could potentially meet Prince Harry in the coming months

Travis Kelce in for ‘awkward encounter with new Royal brother

Travis Kelce is tipped to meet Prince Harry at the upcoming sports awards.

Taylor Swift’s sportsman boyfriend, whose team Kansas City Chiefs is nominated for best team of the year, will be present at The ESPYs, the Oscars of American sport.

Amongst many famous A-listers, Kelce will also be joined by Prince Harry, who is nominated for a special award in the ceremony.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said Harry will likely be “just feet away” from Kelce, adding: “It could be interesting given how much Travis hit it off with William.

“Travis is like the most sociable, happy go lucky, kind person in any room and is sure to want to say hello to the Prince and interact with the Sussexes.

“That is his style, and honestly he is one of the biggest names in US sport.

Comparing to Kelce’s successful meeting with Prince William ahead of Taylor Swift’s concert in Wembley, the source noted: “For Harry it could be a potentially awkward encounter given that Travis spoke so warmly about and praised William.”

“If Harry ducks Travis that would look weird and if they chat the question will be whether they discussed William,” he noted.


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