Travis Kelce recently celebrated an educational milestone, but not everyone feels he is intellectually on par with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship has been the topic of much discussion in recent months.

Many people think they are great together; others have been critical of their pairing.

And then, some, like comedian Claudia Oshry, have made jokes about their unlikely coupling.

Claudia Oshry was 'wrong' about Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift romance

Oshry ships Kelce and Swift, but she also thinks very highly of the singer. “She’s so out of his league, especially, like, in an intellectual sense,” she told Page Six in a recent interview in April 2024. “And I think that’s why so many people love it.”

What Has Been Said About Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s Relationship?

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Later in the interview, Claudia Oshry continued to compare Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, noting how one was a “poet” and “mind of a generation,” and the other was “silly and goofy.” She referred to their coupling as “unlikely” but also revealed that it’s for this reason that so many people have shown their support for the couple. “It just makes sense. We’re obsessed,” she added. Kelce has also made self-deprecating jokes about himself before.

Swift’s relationship history is well-known; in the past, she has appeared to fall hard for her partners (and her relationships have inspired her songwriting). Oshry also commented on this, saying how this new coupling with Kelce provides a “lightness” compared to Swift’s past. She joked, “He’s just, like, an American meathead.”

“I feel like she’s at a point in her life where she should just be able to have fun and enjoy the fruits of her labor and be able to, like, just go out to a restaurant with her boyfriend and not, like, worry, ‘What does he think about this?’ Like, he’s not thinking about this! He likes the meal!” she told Page Six.

What Has Travis Kelce Said About His Relationship With Taylor Swift?

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Oshry is a comedian, so what she says about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift should not be taken too seriously. What is serious, though, is their relationship. There have been many reports about how they are already thinking about having babies and have shown their support for each other. This includes Kelce’s plans to travel to Europe to support Swift’s Eras tour. “Oh, you know I gotta go support,” he told Entertainment Tonight in an interview in April 2024.

“We are both very career-driven. I think we both love what we do, and any chance that I can show my support to her — knowing that she has shown me all the support in the world throughout the season — it’s just been an amazing experience getting to know Tay,” he adds.

Travis Kelce's Brother Jason And Taylor Swift

It should also be noted that Kelce recently celebrated an educational milestone, so he is no “meathead.” Kelce and his brother Jason graduated from the University of Cincinnati and celebrated their accomplishments at a ceremony at UC’s Fifth Third Arena. Photos from the event were shared on Instagram, and fans have a lot to say about their achievements.

One fan commented on the photos, writing, “Remembering that Travis is technically more educated than Taylor is insane.” Another also weighed in on the comparisons between Travis and Swift. “Man, I get tired of people thinking he’s famous because of his girlfriend. Sheesh. He’s a great guy and star athlete in his own right,” a fan wrote.

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