Travis Kelce’s Ex-GF Kayla Nicole Finally Reveals Why She Unfollowed Brittany & Patrick Mahomes On Social Media

Kayla Nicole, who previously dated Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce, is explaining why she decided to recently unfollow Patrick and Brittany Mahomes.

NFL star Travis Kelce and fitness guru Kayla Nicole dated on and off for five years before calling it quits for good in 2022 and she had never said anything about him until social media made her a topic of conversation since he started dating Taylor Swift.

On top of being brought up, fans noticed that she’d unfollowed her longtime close friend Brittany and Brittany’s husband, Patrick Mahomes.

In an interview with People, Nicole said she felt it was “important to publicly address this because I did publicly unfollow people.”

“The reality is I know these people in real life. And so, in real life, I’ve communicated to these people why I’ve had to publicly make the decisions that I made,” she told the outlet.

She made it clear she has an “ongoing relationship” with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes even though her romance with Kelce ended a year ago.

Nicole and Brittany “have had our conversations” while making it clear that her friend “knows that I love her.”


“That’s a lot of history and friendship there, that doesn’t change overnight,” she said. “But publicly, because things are happening so quickly and so publicly, I have to protect myself. That’s really all that is. The love is still there.”

Nicole also unfollowed Patrick’s younger brother, Jackson Mahomes.

The former on-air sports journalist stated she has to move forward with her life and everybody involved has to respect that.

“But for me in my life, I have to move forward and everyone has to respect that,” she said. “And hopefully when they respect that, that means that they’re no longer inserting me into things that do not involve me.”

Kelce’s relationship with Swift has dominated headlines ever since she showed up at Arrowhead Stadium to watch him play against the Chicago Bears. She has been to three more games since and the team is undefeated.

Nicole was also a prominent figure at Chiefs’ games while she was with and not attached to Kelce, but choosing to show her face at the game during these times would prove to be very awkward.

The Chiefs travel to Denver to take on the Broncos on Sunday, but it’s unclear if the “Anti-Hero” singer will be in attendance.

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