Weeks After Meeting Patrick Mahomes, American Football Takes Over Lionel Messi’s Family, Fans React- “Successfully Americanized”

Weeks After Meeting Patrick Mahomes, American Football Takes Over Lionel Messi’s Family, Fans React- “Successfully Americanized”

How many of you ever thought of seeing Lionel Messi play in the United States of America? Our guess is, hardly anyone! But to everyone’s surprise, the Argentine’s influence continues to grow among the American audience. While his presence is sparking a soccer revolution in the States, his own family seems to be experiencing the opposite reaction to the beautiful game. It looks like American football fever has taken over La Pulga’s kids, which has left netizens in disbelief.

Among the perks of being a kid to a soccer player is you get to play on the stadium’s pitch pre or post-match. In a viral video, such was the case with Messi’s first two sons, Thiago and Mateo, both wearing an Inter Miami shirt of their dad, running and playing with Luis Suarez’s eldest son, Benjamin Suarez. But what caught everyone off guard was that Mateo had an American football in his hand as all three came running and sat on the stadiums’ screen boards near the sidelines.

Mateo asked both Thiago and Benjamin to go far and took a few steps to run up to pass the ball to Suarez’s son. He did it in the exact same way as every child in America plays football, a natural to be precise. As Benjamin catches the ball, Mateo further runs to keep the play on. Indeed, this is quite a rare scene that soccer fans will be witnessing. From kicking soccer balls on the iconic pitches to Camp Nou to catching American football—we have really come a long way.

Interestingly, just days ago, their dad met Patrick Mahomes at the Arrowhead Stadium during the MLS clash between Sporting KC and Inter Miami, which the Herons won 2-3. Nevertheless, for now, Messi’s kids have sent the internet in awe.

Fans react to Patrick Mahomes’ effect on Lionel Messi’s son

It’s true that Lionel Messi has changed his perception of soccer since he arrived at Fort Lauderdale. However, it looks clear that the World Cup winner as well as his family is living the American dream. This fan commented, “That’s it, they were successfully Americanized.”

Having been born in a Messizfamily, Leo’s three sons are expected to follow in the footsteps of their father. But what if someone like Mateo goes on to pursue a career in another kind of football? We aren’t prepared to hear Messi in the NFL!

But hearing this netizen’s opinion, we think Mateo is doing this fun: “God willing, Matteo doesn’t know how to play football. He used to be a goalkeeper and defender, and now he plays rugby 😂.”


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Meanwhile, as per an American fan, Mateo is learning “real football“! The comment was countered by the fan page, which they teased as “egg ball.”

Whatever the case may be, it looks like Lionel Messi and his family are gradually delving into American culture. It’s certainly a joy to watch, isn’t it?

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