Why ‘Law & Order’ Star Mariska Hargitay Hates Being Compared To Her Famous Mother

Why ‘Law & Order’ Star Mariska Hargitay Hates Being Compared To Her Famous Mother

Mariska Hargitay, renowned for her enduring role in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” bears a striking resemblance to her mother, Jayne Mansfield, not only in looks but also in intellect—both boasting IQs in the 160s. Reflecting on her mother’s legacy in a 2018 Country Living interview, Hargitay emphasized Mansfield’s multifaceted personality beyond her Hollywood persona, describing her as a talented violinist, a loving mother of five, and a lover of dogs.

Tragically, Mansfield’s life was cut short at 34 in a fatal car accident in Biloxi, Mississippi, which also claimed the lives of two others. Mariska, just three years old at the time, survived along with her siblings, navigating childhood amidst the shadows of her mother’s fame and tragic loss.

Entering the acting world, Hargitay faced inevitable comparisons and labels due to her famous lineage. These early challenges, compounded by the profound loss of her mother, shaped her into the person she is today. She acknowledges that embracing her past has been integral to her personal growth and understanding of life.

Today, Hargitay finds profound happiness in her roles as wife to actor Peter Hermann and mother to their three children: August Miklós Friedrich, born in 2006, and adopted siblings Amaya Josephine and Andrew Nicolas. The decision to adopt stemmed from their eldest son’s desire for siblings, reflecting the family’s abundance of love and faith.

In coping with her mother’s absence, Hargitay adopts a philosophy of embracing grief rather than avoiding it—a practice she believes allows for deeper emotional growth and resilience. Her advocacy for acknowledging and processing pain echoes a broader movement towards emotional authenticity and healing.

Mariska Hargitay’s journey—from navigating loss and legacy to embracing love and family—stands as a testament to resilience and the transformative power of embracing one’s past. Her story continues to inspire, demonstrating the enduring impact of love, loss, and the strength found in confronting life’s challenges head-on.


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