Why Mariska Hargitay Posted A Sweet Tribute To Her Mother Jayne Mansfield

Why Mariska Hargitay Posted A Sweet Tribute To Her Mother Jayne Mansfield



Mariska Hargitay, renowned for her lead role on Law & Order: SVU, recently shared a heartfelt tribute to her mother, Jayne Mansfield. The tribute came in the form of a nostalgic photo posted on January 21, National Hugging Day. In the image, Mansfield is seen joyfully embracing herself, adorned in an elegant fur coat and drop earrings, radiating happiness.

Hargitay hails from a storied lineage: her mother, Jayne Mansfield, was a celebrated actress, and her father, Mickey Hargitay, a former Mr. Universe. Tragedy struck the family in 1967 when Hargitay, then only three years old, and her brothers were involved in a fatal car accident alongside their mother and her boyfriend, Sam Brody.

Despite her mother’s untimely passing, Hargitay keeps Mansfield’s memory alive through various tributes, such as this touching photo shared on social media.

Fans of Hargitay were moved by the tribute, expressing their admiration and nostalgia. “I LOVE this photo,” commented one Instagram user, while another remarked, “She was so beautiful.”

Many fans also noted the striking resemblance between Hargitay and her famous mother. “You’re a mini of your mother looking so alike ☺️,” one person observed, while another wrote, “What a beauty she was and her daughter even more so.”

The touching connection between Hargitay and her mother didn’t go unnoticed. “It seems like you and your mom have so much in common,” noted an Instagram user. Another fan remarked on their vocal similarity, saying, “If I close my eyes it’s like listening to Olivia Benson.”

The outpouring of affection continued, with fans sending heartfelt messages like, “Your mom would be so proud of your beautiful soul! ♥️” and “What a beautiful trait to get from your beautiful mother.”

Mariska Hargitay’s tribute to her late mother resonated deeply with fans, highlighting the enduring impact of Jayne Mansfield’s legacy and the loving bond between mother and daughter.


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