“You’re Just Mad”: Patrick Mahomes to Mom Randi Mahomes for Not ‘Treating Him Differently’ Than Other Siblings

“You’re Just Mad”: Patrick Mahomes to Mom Randi Mahomes for Not ‘Treating Him Differently’ Than Other Siblings


It’s definitely a proud moment for a mother to see her child becoming a global icon. For Randi Mahomes, it is the same way! However, being a humble and down-to-earth person, she still doesn’t see her NFL star son in a different light than her other kids. And this reportedly tickles the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

In the latest revelation by Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi Mahomes, on June 21, 2024, the mother of three highlighted her equality for her three kids – Patrick, Jackson, and Mia. She joined The Mom Game Podcast, with hosts Julie Dobbs and Emily Jones, to share her perspective on her children, especially her son Patrick Mahomes.

Randi explained that she still sees Patrick as her son, and not a Super Bowl or MVP champ. Recalling an interesting incident, the 52-year-old expressed that when she received a copy of Time Magazine with Patrick on the cover, she didn’t know about it until it arrived in the mail. She further mentioned that the magazine sits on her dresser as a reminder because, in her eyes, despite the fame, Patrick is still the same as her other children, Jackson and Mia. Hence, he doesn’t get any special treatment from her.

However, this thing sometimes gets on the 28-year-old quarterback’s nerves. As momma Randi expressed, “I treat him the same as I do the other two. And so sometimes he’ll be like you’re mad, you’re just mad. I’m like no, I’m just the only person in your world that is honest. Like I don’t know and I’m sure there’s a few other people, I’m sure Brittany is, but yeah, I am like the person that’s honest and he’s not going to get any sugar coating over here.” That sounds about right from the QB’s mom!


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