Charlize Theron Photobombed Emma Stone As She Was Putting On Lipstick At The Oscars, Then Met Up With Her ‘Family’ Vin Diesel

The Oscars were something to be experienced, and the stars all came out for Hollywood’s biggest night. It seemed like everyone was having a great time, but few were embracing the fun like Charlize Theron, who presented the Best Actress award along with other fellow Oscar winners. She looked beautiful and took the opportunity to do some photobombing of Emma Stone, before hanging out with old friend Vin Diesel at the after party.

The Atomic Blonde star arrived at the Academy Awards wearing a Dior Haute Couture silver gown and was adorned with Boucheron jewels. The look was classic Hollywood glamor, perfect for the Oscars and the award she was about to present. The Oscars can be a stuffy event, but that is not the vibe Theron brought. She photobombed Emma Stone putting on lipstick, posed with other stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Sally Field, and of course met up with Fast and Furious co-star Vin Diesel. She posted an Instagram carousel showing moments from the night, which you can see below.


Charlize Theron was a part of one of the most sentimental parts of the ceremony. Former winners introduced the 2024 Oscar nominees for acting individually, listing their accomplishments and how their performance was impactful. Theron was chosen to speak on Annette Bening, who was nominated for her performance in Nyad. The presenter previously received her own gold statue back in 2004 for Monster, and has been nominated twice more since the honor. It was great to see her take the stage once again with other winners, and I hope this presentation style becomes a tradition at the Oscars.

Many of the photos Theron posted from the night included Stone, and I can’t help but love this unexpected duo. The actresses have never appeared on the silver screen together but all of these adorable moments from the Oscars makes me want to see them take on a project together. Both stars are pretty busy, with Stone set to star in another Yorgos Lanthimos movie, Kinds of Kindness this year, and Theron teaming up with Daniel Craig for an upcoming heist flick, Two For the Money. But these two seem to get along great, and I’d love for them to find a way to star alongside each other sometime in the future.

When Theron wasn’t palling around with the Poor Things star, she found her way back to “family” member Vin Diesel. Those Fast and Furious movies are always emphasizing the importance of the family, and I love that this extends to real life. Even though it seems Theron is moving away from the franchise, the bond with Diesel remains strong, and they posed together at the Universal party. Theron was truly the life of the party, bonding with new friends, as well as old.

Emma Stone took home the little gold man this year, but fans can revisit Charlize Theron’s own Oscar winning performance in Monster, which is streaming now for Amazon Prime subscribers. You can also catch her alongside Vin Diesel in F9, which is also streaming on the platform. For information on upcoming films featuring big stars like these ones, make sure to consult our 2024 movie release schedule.

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