“He pushed my buttons and I pushed back”: Charlize Theron Got Extremely Drunk to Be Able to Act in $23M Movie Because She Hated Rehearsals With Co-Star

"He pushed my buttons and I pushed back": Charlize Theron Got Extremely Drunk to Be Able to Act in $23M Movie Because She Hated Rehearsals With Co-Star

Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt starred in the 2011 film, Young Adult, where the actress plays the role of an alcoholic writer of young adult books. Now, every person in the film industry has their own way of getting into character or prepping themselves for tiring rehearsals. So did Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron
While Charlize Theron loved working with Patton Oswalt, she wasn’t too fond of the rehearsals the two had to go through. Why? Well, it had nothing to do with her co-star as the actress just does not like rehearsals in general. She found the solution to her problems in a magic potion known to take the edge off of things – alcohol. Alcohol, or “acting juice” as they call it, helped both the actors get through rehearsals.

Charlize Theron Turned to Alcohol for Young Adult Rehearsals

Charlize Theron’s work as Mavis Gary was so impressive that she ended up with four Best Actress nominations, including one for a Golden Globe. Of course, to reach perfection, you need a ton of practice, or in this case, you need to go through rehearsals. However, rehearsals are not Theron’s cup of tea and she had to take the help of a few drinks to get through the day. Talking to Collider, Theron and Patton Oswalt recalled their rehearsals.

Since Oswalt and Theron’s onscreen chemistry was unbelievable, the interviewer asked the duo if they had a lot of prep time for their roles. To this Theron replied, “A lot of alcohol.” Oswalt chimed in stating, “We call it acting juice.” Theron continued that the reason behind this is that she simply does not like rehearsals and neither does their director, Jason Reitman.

“Yeah I don’t like rehearsal, and Jason doesn’t like rehearsal either. I hate table reads. I hate anything where you have to say the words out loud.”

However, as far as working with Oswalt goes, the Atomic Blonde actress couldn’t have asked for a better co-star for the film. She talked to The Film Experience about their chemistry and how they would constantly push each other’s buttons in a playful manner.

“Patton and I right off the bat had such great chemistry. From the moment that we met. We have the same sense of humor. He didn’t let me get away with my s**t. I didn’t let him get away with his s**t. In a way we became the characters. It sounds so bizarre but we just started having that relationship where he pushed my buttons and I pushed back.”

Oswalt reciprocates Theron’s feelings as he too couldn’t stop himself from going on and on about the actress’ talents and skills.

Patton Oswalt Praises Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron and Patton Oswalt in Young AdultCharlize Theron and Patton Oswalt in Young Adult

Talking to Patrick Wilson, Oswalt stated that working with Theron made him realize what a real actor looks like. He praised her ability to effortlessly switch from her character to her real-life self and then back again.

“I got that myth of The Method out of my head. When they yelled ‘Cut!’, she would be Charlize, bulls**tting and telling jokes. And when they yelled ‘Action’ ehe would zip right back in. That’s actually what real acting is, when you can zip in and out of it. You don’t need to do all that tortured stuff.”

In a different interview, this time with People, Oswalt once again praised Theron, calling her, “effortless,” “chameleon,” and an absolute “pro.” It goes without saying that both Oswalt and Theron have nothing but respect and admiration for one another.

You can stream Young Adult on Showtime.

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