Charlize Theron Apology UPDATE!!!

Charlize Theron Apology UPDATE!!!

At 19, it was really like learning a language, and that’s why it was easy for me to drop the accent because I was really learning English from scratch. I think English-speaking South Africans have a harder time because it’s an ingrained accent that they’re trying to break. I didn’t have that, so Afrikaans is a completely different language. It’s not a severity of accent.

This is new information for you. Wow, it is accomplished. There’s about 44 people still speaking it. It’s definitely a dying language. It’s not a very helpful language. Do we know what it is a combination of? Yeah, Dutch. I mean, yeah, so the Pan South African Language Board, as described, is disparaging, disheartening, inaccurate, and misleading.

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Okay, guys, many of you are wondering why Charlize has been so quiet. She’s not issued an apology or maybe she believes that when she becomes silent, we will forget, specifically the Afrikaans-speaking source, our community. You know now, let us get into it. I will tell you why she has not responded.

Okay, a very close source of mine who is a filmmaker based in Johannesburg. This is someone who has known Charlize, someone, a male figure. Some of you know him, some of you don’t. But it’s someone who has known Charlize for more than 10 years. My source is revealing, guys, that he reached out to Charlize. Obviously, my source is someone who is, you know, who’s within the Afrikaans-speaking community. And also, apparently, some lobby groups in South Africa have reached out to Charlize, and she’s open to have that conversation, apparently. Now, they have called her out. You know, they’re saying, “Look, by your comment, you’ve lost our support.” You know, from us, especially South Africans. You know, we have been consistently supporting you, and now you have turned your back on us. You know, but they are also having a conversation with her around the fact that what she said has offended many people. You know, and I’m not sure whether she recognizes the consequences of her comments or not. But my source is revealing that many lobby groups have had to call her out on what she said.

Now, apparently, she is extremely remorseful about what she said, but she also believes that whatever that was said or now, obviously, with numerous publications speaking about this now, it’s basically just being quoted out of context. Now, many people are wondering why is she not responding. And now, obviously, responding, guys, is not going to be easy for Charlize. She will have to consult a PR team because this is major, right? This is major. And specifically, I think her issue right now, apparently, yes, this is what my source told me. He said, “I think Charlize’s issue right now is that if she says she was joking, someone would say, ‘How? What kind of a joke were you making when you say a language that is spoken by over 7 million people is dying? What do you actually mean?’” So, I think, I’m not sure, guys, if you were in her shoes, what would you do? Do you think probably she needs to take accountability and apologize, or maybe she needs to just keep silent? Maybe South Africans are forgiving people. We’re going to forgive her and move on. What do you think, guys?

But also, more than anything, I think there’s a positive side of this, right? The fact that this has been able to create a conversation, you know? I think this conversation was needed, you know, specifically around how can we preserve our languages, you know, around many social issues, you know? And also, how Afrikaans has been viewed. And I think you heard me in my previous video saying that it has been so associated with the apartheid era. Even though now we’re in the current constitutional and democratic dispensation, people still hold onto that view, you know? So, we do not know at this point, according to my source, it’s up to her and her team whether she will apologize or maybe she would just become silent. What do you think she needs to do?

But more than anything, I heard that she’s extremely remorseful. Remorse, in fact, does not describe how much she’s feeling. A pattern, because she’s not in a good emotional state, especially after she faced the backlash. Okay, what are your thoughts? Certainly, share your thoughts in the comment section below. I love you so much, and stay blessed.

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